Battersea Badgers v Ibiza CC -

Ibiza batted first and newcomer Rupert Styles (35) was watchful and patient against disciplined fast bowling from the visitors, while the hosts lost regular wickets at the other end. At 71/5 off 14 overs, Ibiza seemed to be struggling, but Tim Stacey steadied the ship with a classy 57, supported by Robin Parmenter (31 not out), and they added 70 runs together. Ibiza thus managed to post a competitive score of 178/7 off 30 overs. Battersea bowlers Alli Craig(2), Rich Dollymore (2), Pete Cade (2) and Robin Mackrell (1) all contributed with wickets, although they also conceded over 30 extras, which helped to inflate Ibiza’s final score.

Battersea Badgers began their innings cautiously against the unfamiliar pitch and accurate pace bowling from Ibiza bowlers Cruttwell and Dudding, who only allowed openers Warman (16) and Jinks (12) to score 21/0 off the first 10 overs.The visitors now needed 8 runs per over, but in came Aussie Ben Cornish who proceeded to hit a muscular 73, greatly increasing their run rate. However, when he was well stumped off Amos’ bowling, the score was 123/5 off 25 overs, and the Badgers still needed 56 runs off 5 overs to win. Dollymore hit a determined 22, but they fell just short by 14 runs, finishing on 164/9, Ibiza running out winners in a good humoured and sporting contest. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Amos stood out once more with 4 wickets, returning veteran J. Parmenter got 2, and Dudding, Slater and R. Parmenter chipped in with one each.