Match Report Chessmen 2016 -

Ibiza C.C. vs Chessmen C.C.(London 1965) T20 match 10/06/16

Ibiza decided to bat first and the in form Sam Gooda stayed for the whole innings, just falling short of a well deserved century on 93 not out, and providing the necessary stability for the hosts. He was well supported by Sam Feasey (45), and after  several wickets fell cheaply, by Martin Makepeace (15), to allow Ibiza to finish on a challenging 176/7 off 20 overs.
Of the visitors' bowlers, Hugh Moxon, (on his stag trip to Ibiza!) stood out with 3/6, with teammates Giles Moxon and James Shipton contributing a wicket each.
Chessmen then batted and several players got good starts with some impressive boundaries, notably Dan Durling (17), Alex Moxon (39), Steve Bishop (23), Giles Moxon (21) and Hugh Moxon (15), but fell below the required run rate, still requiring over 50 runs off the last 4 overs, with their main batsmen out. They finally finished their overs on 133/8, Ibiza winning a friendly contest by 43 runs. It was also good to see other Ibiza bowlers take their chance in restricting the visitors, with Skipper Graham Boe (2/28) and Martin Makepeace (2/9) standing out, and Sam Feasey, Jeremy Parmenter and Sam Gooda obtaining a wicket apiece.
Chessmen C.C. has existed since 1965, and this trip was organised for the stag party of Hugh Moxon, who managed to bring 3 of his 4 brothers with him, so many thanks to their group and we hope they enjoyed their trip to Ibiza!
As for Ibiza C.C., it is now the busy summer has arrived with no more cricket until mid September, so here's wishing you all a good season!