An Interview With Andrew Beef Johnston -

Exclusive Ibiza CC interview with Andrew Beef Johnston, world golf icon and winner of the 2016 Spanish Open. Here he talks openly about his lifelong love of playing and watching cricket.

Ibiza Cricket Club: Big cricket fan?

Andrew Johnston: Yeah yeah! I love my cricket. I try and watch as much as I can when I’m back in England, it’s nice to put it on and chill out.

ICC: Were you a fan when you were growing up?

AJ: Yeah always enjoyed it, as I had lots of friends who played it so always followed it. But I was always rubbish at it!

ICC: Batter or bowler?

AJ: Neither! Basically I like to call myself an all-rounder because I can’t do anything. I hit everything in the air- if I go in the nets it all goes skywards! Once I watched myself back on video and everything is a full golf swing, it’s terrible, no good! I just watch now, too scared man, too scared ha ha!

ICC: Do you enjoy going to the cricket?

AJ: I love going to the cricket, it’s such a good day out. When I’m in Ibiza I’d love to come along and watch. Its great knowing you’ve got a team. Good luck this year Ibiza Cricket Club !!!