A Fireside Tale With Cocoa -

Let me try to do this justice…

We all have ups and downs in our lives and when I hit Ibiza I was on a down. But soon I met the one and only John “The Ship”, and Denise, and I was given help and work as was the Ibiza way.

After a few months John took me up to cricket practice and I met the famous 5: Alan Andrews, Mick Charlton, Steve Clarke, Tony Copping and Billy Hodges. I then spent the next 3 years running around a field fetching balls. Oh! And yes, back then I could still run!  It was very hard in those days to get a game, and as a complete novice I soon found out that if I wanted to play, and be more involved, I would need to bring a whole team with me and challenge the club to a match. 

So, I did, and the rest could have been history, but we managed to beat Ibiza! A couple of the players who couldn't get a game, and had to turn out for my team " Cocoas XI " were Stuart Browne and Jeremy Parmenter. There were also a few more faces who are still around the club to this day.

While this was all going on there were many additions to the club, and I first met "The Cumbrian Boys " and Bobby Cairns and co. The club then went through a big change when Lynn Carpenter and others came in, and I even won captains player of the year under Martin Makepeace!

I have enjoyed many tours with the club to Mallorca and Menorca for the Balearic Cup, and to the infamous Benidorm. Over the years we have lost many friends, and there are too many to mention as we all know.

I would like to finish this with a quote from the late great Jack Hyams:

I have been a member and played cricket for many clubs around the world but at the same time you are the worst I have seen BUT you are also the most sociable!

I have met so many people through the club and made so many friends. I am a very happy man to be a part of this club and hope to be a member until it's my time to go up or down.


Thank you all


Michael “Cocoa” Fowler